In this post you’re going to find some delicious, health-filled detox water recipes.

But before that, let’s talk about how water as a standalone drink is your dream drink.

Your body is about 70% water.

Needless to say, you and I need to be drinking a lot of water to make sure our bodies are functioning properly.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Water, by itself boasts of many healthy benefits. While there is no set rule of how much water you should be drinking- a lot of health manuals over the years have suggested drinking 8 8-ounce glasses of water per day but this is not supported by research- drinking water every single day will help you in the following ways.

Increases energy and relieves fatigue

Your brain is 90% water! It makes sense that drinking plenty of it will boost brain health which in turn will increase your energy and relieve fatigue.

Promotes weight loss

Water is a zero-calorie drink that fills you up and makes you less likely to over-eat. Eating fewer calories means you will lose more weight.

Gets rid of toxins

Your body excretes toxins from your body through sweat and urine. As you may already realize, sweat and urine are water-based. Thus, the more water you drink, the more your body will flush out toxins from your body.

Other Benefits

  • Water is a natural anti-aging agent. It keeps your skin moisturized, smooth and soft. Who doesn’t want skin like that?
  • Drinking water boosts your immune system.
  • Keep your joints lubricated and reduces muscle sprains and strains.
  • Drinking water saves you money! Instead of spending money on expensive juices, drinking water is much kinder on your pocket  (unless of course you’re buying those expensive bottled types.)

So if water packs so many benefits, why would we do anything to change it let alone create “detox” water?

Well it turns out you can further increase water’s superpowers by infusing it with ingredients that have been proven to be excellent for your health.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 different detox water recipes to help you lose weight fast.

Detox Water Recipes To Help You Lose Weight Fast

1. Lemon Lime Cucumber Water

I recently wrote this post about the benefits of Lemon Lime and Cucumber Water.

Just as a recap:

  • Lemon and lime are both high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is excellent at boosting our immune systems.
  • Lemon, lime and cucumbers are rich in fiber which helps with moving food down your digestive tract. This helps with detoxifying your body and weight loss.
  • Vitamin C is great for your skin and lemon and lime are chock full of it.
  • Cucumbers contain potassium which lower your blood pressure.
  • The skins of cucumber contains Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps with calcium absorption from your digestive system and into your bones. So lemon-lime-cucumber water improves your bone and teeth health.


1 medium-sized lemon

1-2 limes

1 medium-sized cucumber

8-10 8-ounce glasses of water


  1. Slice lemon, lime and cucumber into thin discs.
  2. Place these ingredients in a jug.
  3. Add 8-10 glasses of water to the jug.
  4. Chill or add ice
  5. Enjoy!

2. Lemon Lime Ginger Water

We already know the benefits of lemon and lime.

But did you know ginger is a wonder-ingredient all on its’ own?

Ginger is not just a spicy/zesty ingredient found in exotic dishes. It was used in ancient Chinese, Roman, Greek and Arabic medicine.

Below are some of the health benefits of ginger.

  • Ginger contains a chemical called 6-gingerol. According to an article published in the Natural Products Communications journal, 6-gingerol has anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties.
  • It is a low calorie ingredient. 100 grams of ginger contains approximately 80 calories. This makes it a perfect ingredient for weight loss.
  • It has been used historically to treat nausea.
  • Ginger is efficient at fighting off yeast and fungal infections. This study by researchers of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute in Canada shows that ginger was most effective at killing fungi in the lab.
  • Ginger also helps to reduce blood sugar levels.


1 medium-sized lemon

1-2 limes

200 grams ginger

8-10 8-ounce glasses of water


  1. Chop lemon, limes and ginger.
  2. Place the chopped ingredients in a large jug.
  3. Add water.
  4. Chill or add ice and enjoy.

3. Rosemary Watermelon Water

Rosemary is a herb that is native to the Mediterranean. Space will not permit me to sing all the praises of rosemary. You will find the following benefits especially impressive.

  • Rosemary is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and thiamine. The last two vitamins are part of the Vitamin B-complex family which is known to boost energy. Additionally, Vitamin A is known contribute to healthy eyes.
  • The oil of Rosemary improves hair growth and prevents baldness.
  • Rosemary detoxifies your system by improving the health of your liver. Your liver is one of the major organs that clears toxins from the body.
  • Rosemary reduces your blood sugar levels and helps you lose weight.

The second ingredient of this detox water recipe is a well-known diuretic.

Diuretics help you urinate more. And as we already mentioned, urinating gets rid of toxins in your body.


1/4 of a medium-sized water melon

5-8 sprigs of rosemary

8-10 8 ounce glasses of water


  1. Dice watermelon into small cubes.
  2. Add watermelon and sprigs of rosemary to a large jug.
  3. Add water.
  4. Chill or add ice and enjoy.

4. Strawberry Basil Water

Basil is a delicious herb that dates back 5000 years to ancient China.

It is in the same family as mint and lavender.

Basil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and folate.

Folate is especially important for the development of the spine and brain. In fact, mothers who lack folate are at a high risk of having a child with spina bifida- a condition where a baby’s spinal cord does not full develop. Spina bifida can lead to a child not walking or not being able to have regular bowel movements.

A good dose of basil in your water can provide you with the daily serving of folate.

Basil is a good source of manganese. Manganese helps the body release enzymes that are beneficial in metabolizing amino acids, cholesterol and carbohydrates. It also helps metabolize vitamins that are glucose related. Better metabolism means your body burns off calories easier.

The second ingredient of this detox water recipe, strawberry, contains antioxidants like ellagic acid and flavonoids like anthocyanin, catechin, quercetin, and kaempferol. These compounds lower the risk of heart disease by reducing the amount of LDL (low density lipids also known as “bad fat”).

The antioxidants in strawberries also promote skin health.

And remember Vitamin C which boosts your immune system or promotes healing?

Strawberries are chock-full of them!

Ready to enjoy a cup of strawberry-basil water?


8 fresh strawberries

8-10 fresh basil leaves pinched to help release its flavor

8-10 cups cold filtered water

  1. Chop the strawberries into 4 equal parts.
  2. Throw the strawberries and basil leaves into a large jug.
  3. Add water.
  4. Chill or add ice and enjoy.

5. Mint Water


I’m not talking about the mints that are sold and marketed as Tic-Tacs.

Mint is a herb that is used in many household products.

More specifically, its’ derivative menthol, has long been used in products you use on a daily basis.

If you have ever chewed gum or used toothpaste, you’re already aware of the oral health benefits of mint.

Beyond that however, mint packs a mighty punch in delivering health benefits that help you detox and lose weight.

  • Mint promotes digestion. Promoting digestion helps food to be broken down effectively by your digestive tract and consequently absorbed by your body. This also encourages weight control.
  • Mint soothes the stomach in case of indigestion and inflammation.
  • Mint helps you deal with nausea and headaches
  • Ever use a vapor rub to soothe a cold? Mint is helpful in improving your respiratory system as well.
  • Mint is a natural stimulant that boosts your energy levels


Throw 8-10 mint leaves into a large jug and add 8-10 glasses of water. Chill and enjoy.

6. Lemon Strawberry Water

We have already discussed the benefits of both fruits. Need we say more? Slice them up, throw them in a jug of water and enjoy.

7. Lemon Mint Water

A Vitamin C-packed, breath-refreshing drink that also boosts your energy while helping you flush out unwanted toxins from your body?

Sign me up.

Lemon-mint detox water is great for you on every level.


1 large lemon

8-10 mint leaves

8-10 glasses of water


  1. Slice lemon into thin circles.
  2. Add mint leaves and lemon slices to a large jug.
  3. Add water.
  4. Chill or add ice and enjoy.

8. Blueberry Mint Water

Blueberries are classified as a super-food.

It is low in calories but don’t be fooled; blueberries have a high nutritional value.

One cup of blueberries contains 4 grams of fiber, managanese, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Below are some of the most impressive health benefits of blueberries.

  • Blueberries are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our bodies from free radicals that destroy cells in your body and contribute to cancer. In fact, according to a study by the United States Department of Agriculture (published on the National Library of Medicine Database), blueberries are believed to contain the highest amount of antioxidants of any commonly consumed fruit or vegetable. Specifically, a group of antioxidants known as anthocyanins are thought to be responsible for the health benefits of blueberries.
  • Studies show that blueberries reduce DNA damage which in turn reduces aging.
  • Blueberries lower blood pressure. In another interesting study published in the Journal of Nutrition, forty-eight participants with metabolic syndrome were given blueberries daily for 8 weeks. Blood pressure was significantly decreased in the participants who ate blueberries for 8 weeks as compared to the control group.
  • In the same study above, participants who ate blueberries had reduced LDLs (bad fat) when they were compared with the control group.
  • Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture have used animal studies to show that the antioxidants in blueberries accumulate in areas of the brain that affect intelligence. This in turn improved the memory of these animals.

As you can see, blueberries are a great source of antioxidants that provide our bodies with so many benefits.


1 cup of blueberries

8-10 mint leaves

8-10 glasses of water

  1. Combine blueberries and mint leaves in a large jug.
  2. Add water.
  3. Chill or add ice and enjoy.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar Water

The word vinegar derives from French meaning “sour wine”.

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar only contains three calories.

And while it does not contain a lot of vitamins and minerals like the other detox waters we’ve discussed above, this is still a detox water recipe you will want to try in your quest to improve your health.

  1. Apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid and is effective at killing many types of bacteria.
  2. Researchers have shown that apple cider vinegar reduces blood sugar levels significantly.
  3. One of the hallmarks of Type 2 diabetes in its’ early stages is that the body can become resistant to the action of insulin. Insulin is an important compound in our blood that allows sugar from our food to be absorbed into our cells. When our cells are unable to absorb sugar due to a poor response to insulin, this results in Type 2 diabetes. This study published by the American Diabetes Association shows that participants of a study who were given apple cider vinegar showed a improved response to insulin.
  4. Japanese patients who received apple cider vinegar daily for 12 weeks showed significant weight loss, reduced body mass index (BMI) scores, reduced waist circumference and lower blood lipid (fat) levels. This study was published by the Food and Nutrition Science journal.


8 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

8-10 glasses of water

  1. Add water to a large jug.
  2. Add the tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  3. Chill or add ice and enjoy.

10. Tea-infused Water

Tea-infused water is the most consumed type of detox water.  The great thing about it is that you can drink it hot or cold.

Chinese medicine has used tea for a long time.

It really does not matter which type of tea you get. Tea is low in calories and is an excellent replacement for high calorie sugar drinks.

Closing Thoughts

Water is great by itself.

Throw a handful of selected ingredients into it and you have yourself water that keeps a myriad of health problems at bay.

Note: With all the fruit-infused water recipes, they are even better when you allow the water to chill for an hour or two to allow for the release of all the good nutrients into the water.

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